Beautiful Ebony Erotica Domme trained in Hypnosis to get you to gladly OBEY her every wish & Command!

    About Mistress C:    I am a woman who have always had the flair for unique and mind enriching experiences. I dare say that my desires for BDSM occurred very early in my life, as far back in my teens. My matriculation and pursuits in more "acceptable" paths results in who I am today! Owned businesses in Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgages, and of the left brain variety, which have prepared me for peeling back the layers and bringing all of me into the Lifestyle as a Pro-Lifer Dominatrix. An Ordained interfaith minister, business woman, world traveler and intelligent FEMDOM, what I experience as a Dominatrix far exceeds any other careers once noted.  My life experiences and well choreographed quest for knowledge includes at present continuing my studies to gain my PH.D. in Metaphysics and applied Spiritual Sciences..  I hold TWO minister's ordinations,  perform ceremonies for the Kinky and Alternative Lifestylers and offer both private and group consultations.  I am a spiritually and well balanced person who enjoys the alternative life. I am a "Lady in Waiting" at the Femdomme Society and take my roles very seriously. Living the life 24/7 and sharing from the heart is both my gift and joy. Being authentic to my life's purpose is the only way which I am allowed to soar! You may find me  as a performer, and producer/ promoter of the Mistress C Realms, a traveling Dungeon within Vanilla Kink fan shows,  such as Adulton and EXXXOTICA Expos.

Find below my short list of offerings and feel free to send an email for any specialty interests. Inquire about our event planner services. In addition, I provide photography, video and many Kink ceremonies: such as collaring, marriages, etc. . My couple premarital sessions, and counseling are required for any ceremonies for which I perform ... Contact me for our special packages and pricing. 


I'm also available for retreats, couple sessions, group consultations. presentations, and private coaching.


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Discover The Spiritual Aspects to Servitude

Private Consultations are just a phone call away with Mistress C, the Erotica Domme. Non-Denominational consultations from a kink friendly Domina Minister
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Couples who Spanks together, Stays Together

Why Erotica Spanking brings couples together? A great way to share the art of sensuality by learning and experiencing Erotica Spanking! A class for couples only. In a private setting, discover the reasons why, and get personal instruction as to how to use some of the implements in which spanking is more enjoyed.

2 hour Private Instruction


 Erotica Hypnosis & Benefits 


Hypnosis is a proven way to break barriers and bridge the gap to achieve optimum performances in thought and/or deed. As both a certified and trained hypnotist of over 7 years, my techniques involves many implements and verbiage which triggers the mind to perform with grace and ease, what was once challenging to the one is is being hypnotized. It is real, tangible way to increase  Erotica Hypnosis done by a Femdom is a specialty session and only performed upon request.

Do you find yourself resisting change, or feel stuck in any area of your life? Are you resisting submission, or uncomfortable with new tasks or role. as a submissive? Do you have a need to be more creative, more authentic, more happy in the chosen areas of your life path? Is there any habitual programing which needs to be altered or erased? Do you crave mind control by a Femdom which will allow you more comfort, and freedoms? Just not sure how to reach that acceptance? Send an email, and describe your concerns, the Erotica Domme can help!