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Mistress C the Erotica Domme Welcomes U pp!

Mistress C Introduction

Hello pps, pets and onlookers…  Potential Pets is my pp. LOL.  This is an adult blog, so go away if you are not of legal age, or are offended with graphic sexual content. BDSM, fetishes, and sexual expression is what we blog about… Conversations and Intimate discussions of an Erotica Domme who specializes in Hypnosis. So, have fun leave your comments or questions and welcome to my Realm!~


Mistress C

5 Responses to “Mistress C the Erotica Domme Welcomes U pp!”

  1. Mistress,I iook forward to experience your expertise.. Thank you….. Charles ….. When might you be available?

  2. Joe from collarme says:

    a whipping a day keeps the rebellion away

  3. sophiepeaks says:

    Mistress, This is Sophie Peaks from crossdresser chat city. I want to thank you so much for your kindness in accepting my inquiry. At your delightful feet I kneel waiting for your instructions. I know I have so much to learn. I want to learn through the hypnosis you speak of, and to serve you in the ways that you know are best for me to learn how to be the best servant I can be. I know spanking and toilet training are important. I know that you always know what is best for me. For that, I thank you. Yours, sophie (greg)

  4. bottom larry says:

    hellow mistress i found your web page hope to hear from you soon please

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