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Mistress C just is sublime
The Feel of My Being is Explosive~ equal to my Disciplines!
Mistress C contemplates what she will do to you next little worm
The very Thought of Controlling you….Ummmmmmmmmmm!
You Bow because I am the Goddess
Mistress C just being “Sassy” & Aware!

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Mistress C is a F00tNights Model.. Tonight, Thursday 24,2011! /mistresscblog/?p=219 /mistresscblog/?p=219#comments Thu, 24 Feb 2011 19:51:02 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=219 Become a Member and get FREE updated clips

Mistress C loves her play on F00tnights. Come out and worship my lovely, arched feet!

Click on this banner for a free sign up to become a member of the oldest, classiest Foot Party in the County…Your Mistress look forward to playing with you soon…Bow4Now!

Mistress C

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Slave Training at FemDomme Society…FREE & REQUIRED Training, Cum into my Realms…. /mistresscblog/?p=211 /mistresscblog/?p=211#comments Thu, 24 Feb 2011 17:51:26 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=211 FREE & REQUIRED Training for all Submissives!

A place to play with me and learn the ART of Submission from a Learned Dominatrix!

I want each of you to submit  and click on this hyperlink, it will take you to a place of joy! Let’s see if you are worthy to submit to me!  Hahahahahaha

What is FDS, Who are we?

F.D.S. stands for the Fem Domme Society. A very real society started by a small group of Women who were simply fed up with the men in their lives. In the beginning it was a simple weekly social get together, where We researched and shared ideas that promoted the concepts of Female Supremacy.

Society is changing and Women are moving to the forefront of all occupations. Currently, Women account for 61% of all college graduate enrollments. men are loosing out in the job market and causing them to fall back into traditional wife roles. Hollywood movies are using the draw of Dominant Women, just look at the scenes in movies like “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” or Lucy Liu in the movie “Charlie’s Angels.” Top Selling Authors like Barbara Abernathy, who wrote “Venus on Top,” and Lisa Robyn, who newly released the book “ The Corporate Dominatrix,” are smashing sales records. Both are members of the Fem Domme Society.

Soon Our society was turning into much more than a small group of Women! Within months We realized that We needed to take Our little society beyond the confines of Our town and to place it on the internet and provide others an opportunity to become involved. Our original website grew rapidly to over 7,000 members, and so did ideas! We have recently completed a massive over-haul of the website to accommodate the Society growth.

Mistress C

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Mistress C Plans , “It’s Business As Usual”… /mistresscblog/?p=204 /mistresscblog/?p=204#comments Thu, 17 Feb 2011 02:03:50 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=204 NEWS***

To all pets, pps and onlookers,

Mistress C annouces new BDSM event,s and productions! As she begins to promote her own Independant events under her own brand name, Cee Dee Productions. Stay tuned as in just a few short days.. more information will be available about thow to RSVP!

Moving onward, I am now longer owner of the Sanctuary, SFV however I wish Mistress Cyan and Mistress Lexine the best. It is a great club with much potential and my hope is that it continues to succeed. The decision to exersise my option to dis-continue beyond a 60 day grace comes with mixed feelings however it is for the best for me. As my business goals expands into more exciting projects which require my total focus.

All of you who have devoted your time and energy to my creativity are well thought of and appreciated. In the coming days you will discover what FUN I have in store for you just because I can! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh, .. I had my photo shoot for OYE magazine this past Sunday. It is a modeling competition ofor the prize of the Cover! My pictures and bio will be in the 53rd issue due to be released in Late April or May of this year… I request each of you to vote for Mistress, and support my journey to winning this competition! In addition, you may support me by purchasing my pictures and other offerings provided by OYE magazine for this competition.

I will keep everyone updated to the outrageously naughty events coming down the pike. Until then, bow 4 now…..

Mistress C

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Mistress C loves New Port Beach… /mistresscblog/?p=198 /mistresscblog/?p=198#comments Fri, 11 Feb 2011 21:20:58 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=198 Hello pps, pets and Onlookers,

My travel schedules involve New Port Beach and Mistress enjoys playing with her OC pets! Now, understand all of my pets are special and are equally adored however, OC views, and added nightlife makes my trips there more fun.

Those in OC… request my schedules as I am often parting in your neck of the woods. Gotta love California..!

Mistress C

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T-Girls, Crossdressers, Sissie Boi Mentoring & Transformations Play Party /mistresscblog/?p=191 /mistresscblog/?p=191#comments Fri, 04 Feb 2011 08:11:07 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=191 Hello Pets, pps and Onlookers,

In an overwhelming request for the next Sanctuary’s event, Mistress C, Mistress Cyan and Mistress Lexine are proud to announce “THE FEMININE CHARM SCHOOL PARTY” on February 11th for 4 hours of play. Be prepared to Sashay across the floor and be dressed to impress! We provide mentoring, and makeup instructions, while assisting you with the complete picture perfect transformation! Pictures can be taken upon request.

RSVP and more information:

We hope to see you soon for a night of pure fun…
Mistress C

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The Slave Pit… Returns!!! SIX pro-Dommes for 4 Hours of Play /mistresscblog/?p=186 /mistresscblog/?p=186#comments Thu, 27 Jan 2011 00:53:45 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=186 Hello pps, Pets, and Onlookers…

It has been a short while since I lasted posted because Mistress is more active with many of my fun projects.

Honorably noted that I am in a Model Cover competition for the worlds leading Latin Men Gentleman Magazine called “OYE”.  Open the link here  “Open Your Eyes” Magazine and find out how to support my efforts to win the grand prize:-)
More to come, I promise..LOL !

Yes, the slave pit will be held at the Sanctuary, SFV this Friday and we are expecting a full house once again!

Here is more event details, and also where you can RSVP.

I look forward to serving lots of Whup A** this Friday:-) Come join in the fun!

Mistress C

A little Patron and a Lot of Dancing... Fun!

Mistress C just Chillin'

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Mistress C In Vegas attending AVN for 5-day Weekend! /mistresscblog/?p=178 /mistresscblog/?p=178#comments Tue, 11 Jan 2011 03:23:04 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=178 ]]> /mistresscblog/?feed=rss2&p=178 0 Mistress C at AVN! /mistresscblog/?p=179 /mistresscblog/?p=179#comments Sat, 08 Jan 2011 21:12:41 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=179

Mistress Takes Picture at AVN

Hello Pets, pps and Onlooksers…

Mistress C is in Vegas Baby!!! Enjoying the sights and sounds of this convention. It really supports my voyeuristic Fetish! ..LOL

My plans were slightly altered with not being able to do on the spot interviews along with my direct commentary on everything seen and experienced:) Sometimes a Domme must forgo some plans in the effort to maximize TIME.. Personal slaves… are always in Demand!

Anyway wanted to send a little BIT of what I have seen.. Nice that AVN finally gets that BDSM is KINK in the Adult Industry… So, glad they FINALLY get it, we all serve unique segments… LOVELY!

Listen, plan to be at my next play party at my club the Sanctuary. We have our next play party on the 13th, it is a LeFemme or La Feminine Makeover Charm School, event. Especially nice for all you sissies, and CD’s out there.. All in fun, we can play…


Mistress C

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My New Years Eve at the Sanctuary…Lovely! /mistresscblog/?p=176 /mistresscblog/?p=176#comments Tue, 04 Jan 2011 00:30:19 +0000 Mistress C /mistresscblog/?p=176 Well Pets, pps and Onlookers…

2011 was an absolute Domme’s dream. I spent the Eve of New Years parting at Mistress Cyan’s 9th Annual New Years Lifestyle party held at our Club, the Sanctuary SFV.

Picture this: Four Dommes counting down (with others) while also singing, “We Will, We, Will Rock You!”.. while in unison flogging, OTK’ing, Paddling and spanking accepting subs arses…LOL

It was indeed so much fun whilst meeting some great new friends. If the way you enter a New Year holds to the activities ONE will experience for the coming New Year, then I am in for one hell of a year this 2011..

Got to cum out and play.. otherwise you are observing from the sidelines, and NOT enjoying the full party of life…

Announcements of my events for the month to follow this post. Also ways to come out and play with me!

~Mistress C

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