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Femdoms Crack Both Whips & Attitudes Of the FWG at Adultcon!

Posted by Mistress C on July 25, 2011



Femdom Wrestling & Grappling Event held July 29-31

Whip It! - FWG takes Center Stage at ADULTCON DUNGEON

July 22, 2011 — Entrepreneur and businesswoman, Mistress C, is the owner and creator of the FWG. She brings her kinky wrestling production to the main stages of ADULTCON this July 29-31. “Femdom Wrestling & Grappling” affectionately known as “Whip It”, is the sport where females rule both inside and outside of the ring. Exhibiting females in a total power exchange format with both willing and very scared submissive males. So much Fun, she says. All performers are both members and has consented to the activities for which they engage in.


Mistress C is a woman who lives the Femdom lifestyle 24/7. She also professionally coaches others in disciplinarian style, skill and technique. The idea for the FWG was first conceived by her as a young child in the late 60′s early 70′s. She gained more quality time with her dad by being a sport enthusiast. As an avid connoisseur of sports, especially wrestling and boxing, she matriculated, with her first live production, held April 2011,

Bring more attention to the voice of woman is the reason behind the event, Mistress says. It is her small part to help empower, educate and liberate women from societal trappings riddled with shame and guilt. My hope women will be more willing to claim their inner power of authentic loving and nurturing authority. Mistress C’s self-proclaimed title of FemDom Warrior Goddess came after she fought the biggest challenge thus far in her 48 years. As she rediscover her authoritarian voice again, her courage, her fire and her passion for life, that name becomes her mantra.

She keeps very busy and active sharing the Good News of Female Supremacy, as Countess of the FemDomme Society. A newly appointed “Coalition Partner” for NCFS, the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom, and as Operations Manager of Adultcon Dungeon.

Mistress shares that even though she is busy, her life has never before been so fulfilling. She shares her yesterday, ” I had an adoring submissive male to offer his domestic services. He began at 11:30 am and cleaned out the refrigerator, all pantries, and even washed down baseboards and other chores to about until 3:30 pm. I laughed when I found out that this was his first time doing Domestic chores, as he did them almost like I would have. After he was done with them, he bowed in front of me, so I may inspect his work. After I approved, it was all to fun to end his time with a gift. A royal over the knee spanking, that turned his bum as red as a cherry.. What a lovely way to spend a day”, smiled the content Mistress C.

Surrender-Submit-Liberate Dungeon opens for the first time July 29-31, presented by the Bordello Of Decadence.

More information can be found online at

Mistress C Organizes 1st AdultCon Dungeon

Posted by Mistress C on July 17, 2011
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Is a pleasure to create the first Dungeon for this 10 year veteran of Adult Shows. Surrender~Submit~Liberate is our title,

and I am pleased to be the conduit of this wonderful addition to the popular Adult Show Giant. As the creator and owner

of  WHip IT FWG… our performances are at follows Friday 7pm-8pm; Saturday 4pm-5pm; Sunday 3pm-4pm

July 29-31.


PRESS:  FemDoms Wrestling and Grappling will be seen live to potentially thousands. The small travel performance group known as the FWG anticipates a great show and look forward to showing what they got! July 29-31 at the Los Angeles Convention center. This show have consistently gathered over 10,000 attendees for the past 10 years. This year Adultcon has added, “Surrender-Submit-Liberate” Launching its First Adultcon Dungeon including a large educational component. Over 18 hours of professional classes, instruction and safety discussions facilitated by “real” BDSM’s lifers and educators. Many stage performances, art and artistic expressions to experience are located in the Dungeon.

The creator of the FWG, Mistress C, the self proclaimed “Femdom Warrior Goddess” have accepted the contract of Operations Manager for Adultcon Dungeon(21). Mistress shares Adultcon’s passion for education and empowering others. .. “So appropriate for our themed title.. Surrender-Submit-Liberate, as this collaboration is a step in the right direction and should be celebrated as we learn from the other, and It is just great kinky fun, so play nice! ” commanded Mistress followed by a curled up smile.

Check for listings for the Whip It- FWG performances, classes and Dungeon performances.

AdultCon Expands to Include Dungeon, Mistress C leads…

Posted by Mistress C on June 9, 2011

surrender * submit * liberate

surrender * submit * liberate

Hosted By Mistress C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Femdom Warrior Goddess, Creator of Femdom Wrestling & Grappling Dungeon presented by Bordello of Decadence
Sponsored by Adultcon


We are bringing AdultCon, one of the worlds largest and running Adult Convention of years, It’s first Flagship Dungeon.

Mark your calendars July 29-31st in Los Angeles Downtown Convention Center.

Booth space, and Sponsorships Opportunities are available now on a first come, first served basis… Exclusive and limited premium positioning.

Contact me asap for more details.

Mistress C
FemDom Warrior Goddess, Creator
of the FemDom Wrestling & Grappling

Mistress C Presents At “Everything To Do With Sex Show” May 20-22

Posted by Mistress C on May 21, 2011

Hello Pets, pps and onlookers,

It has been a while since I posted and wanted to share that I am a main staged presenter for the “Everything to do with Sex” show held in Los Angeles Convention Center May 20-22.

Please check enclosed link for both topics and schedules.

Friday May 20: 2pm to 6pm
Saturday May 21: 11:00 to 3pm
Sunday May 22: 2pm to 6pm

Hope to see you soon.

Mistress C

FWG Official Announcement!! Open For Membership

Posted by Mistress C on April 12, 2011


Thank you for your interest in membership for the FWG.

Our premiere and opening is April 30th 2011 and it will be held in Reseda, California.

Our membership fee is a one-time, lifetime fee of $25.00 which covers special invitations to FWG bouts and

promotions. FWG Membership perks include fresh video clips of your favorite dominas and more ….

Click on the links for more information and we welcome you to our world!                 ~Mistress C

Just Download application below and send via email or snail mail. We look forward to welcoming you to our premiere event the WFG!

Venue is in the heart of the Valley in Reseda, California on April 30, 2011

4,000 Square ft venue 

The event begins at 9:30pm until 1:30 am






A night of Decadent KINK in the Ring Where Femdoms Rule Supreme!

Mistress C Interviews ON PlayBoy Radio

Posted by Mistress C on April 3, 2011

Hello Pets, pps, on onlookers……


This Monday (tomorrow) April 4, I will be interviewed by Nicki Hunter on “Night Calls”   about..       you guessed it, whatever I want…LOL. Should be lots of fun, educational and purely sadistically kinky!!!

I will be announcing my new KINK filled event, and other tidbits along the way…. Look forward to sharing and opening a few eyes into the world according to “Mistress C”… Enjoy your Sunday!

Feel free to call in to the show
1(877) 205.9796


Show can be heard by SIRIUS & XM radio subscribers.

Playboy Radio channel 99, between the hours of

4pm and 7pm PST.

Visit for more information.


Mistress C, the Erotica Domme
in Los Angeles, California

Want to chat or discuss a possible scene?
Call me 1800-863-5478 ext. 9471315
Visit my Websites & Blogs:



Dominas Panel & Fashion Show Held @ the Stockroom

Posted by Mistress C on March 22, 2011
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Mistress C and another Domina poses at Stockroom store house after panel and fashion show
Mistress models madonna pink long flowing latex gown. yes on my wishlists!!!

Hello Pets. potential pets, slaves and onlookers,

It has been a brief time since I last posted and as always it is about what is happening is Mistress C’s Realms… Here are some highlights.
This past Sunday on March 20, the Dominas Panel and Fashion Show was held and hosted by Mistress Serene. The Stockroom had generously sponsored the event in celebration of National Woman’s Month along with the title holder, Mistress Serene. The Leatherwoman 2010 title holder core responsibilities include presenting community events which educate and uplift the BDSM communities.
It was my honor and pleasure to participate in such an event, as one of the models.  The distinguished panalist shared in an open forum about their lifestyles and together built a room of total acceptance.  It was deliciously magical and the culmination was a sizzling tasteful morsal in understanding and community.  
Bravo Mistress Serene for a beautifully successful event!  Now, it was well attended on a day of storms, this was an event worth melting for….
More pictures to come.
Mistress C 

Scroll down for Quick Registrations for FootNights LA~ I will be there!!!

Posted by Mistress C on March 17, 2011
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YOU can sign up right Here from my Blog….
FootNights Banner

Mistress C enjoys her F00tnight Parties...In LA every 35-45 days..Fun!


I knowLOL  Yes,… my feet are exquisite…at 8.5 Med!

They only love tall, sexy high heels shoes and boots.. Why? Because of my elegant HIGH arch.

I literally would be in pain if I walked in flats or flat footed for too many hours… I have the perfect curve to my instep which is sublime in itself! So to worship my feet…is heavenly. Yes, I enjoy it and yes… it is so nice to have you suck on them just right…So my 2 days old fresh pedicure, the way I have my nails polished is considered my signature polish all plays in the play. They would be much to do in the many ways of serving me.  Just come out and look for Mistress C.

Now, let the FUN begin….((scroll down to the FN banner which hyperlinks to its registration page)) See you soon!  


Mistress C

Meet Mistress At FootNights on March 24th in LA…. Delicious..LOL

Posted by Mistress C on February 24, 2011
Mistress C just is sublime

The Feel of My Being is Explosive~ equal to my Disciplines!

Mistress C contemplates what she will do to you next little worm

The very Thought of Controlling you....Ummmmmmmmmmm!

You Bow because I am the Goddess

Mistress C just being "Sassy" & Aware!

Mistress C is a F00tNights Model.. Tonight, Thursday 24,2011!

Posted by Mistress C on February 24, 2011
Become a Member and get FREE updated clips

Mistress C loves her play on F00tnights. Come out and worship my lovely, arched feet!

Click on this banner for a free sign up to become a member of the oldest, classiest Foot Party in the County…Your Mistress look forward to playing with you soon…Bow4Now!

Mistress C