Black Erotica Domme trained in Hypnosis to train you how to OBEY her every wish & Command!


Be Aware… Tributes are both required & in proper protocol for serving considerations!
trib•ute [trib-yoot] noun 1. Gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgement of gratitude or esteem. 2. Any exacted or enforced payment or contribution. 3. Obligation to make such payment. 4. A payment by one ruler or nation to another in acknowledgment of submission 5. something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection A tribute (from Latin tributum, contribution) is wealth, often in kind, that one party gives to another as a sign of respect.






Femdom Disciplinarian Spanking Session
Naughty boy??? Need a good Licking? I'm a Domme who specializes in paddling your raw hide into submission.  You will beg for me to stop while you get the best lesson in life taught by a sensual, stern yet caring Domme.  Sessions are priced based on frequency and obedience.



Foot Worship Session
Tender foot worship session is based on hour Sessions



Erotica Hypnosis- Live & In person
 Erotica Hypnosis is guaranteed to relax you and take you to distant lands where worshiping this Goddess. Mistress C Is the order of the day! Slip into an erotica trance made to order, you will cum on my command! ...Let's get you there with your personal session or sessions combination.  Ask for more information



Private Telephone Consultations.. Ask Mistress C

Spiritual~ BDSM~Hypnosis or Scene Discussions



WebCam Servitude Or Consultations
Private, secure fun across the Internet.  Since you can not come and see me live, than you can serve me right now...Buy 10 minutes of time and see Mistress C while you grovel at her feet.. and beg for more!






Mistress C's Universal Amazon Wish/Gift List



Other session offerings include but not limited to are: 

**Adult Baby Role play

** Ass Worship

** Bondage & Rope Play


**Chastity & Key Holding


**Corporal Punishment ~ Light to Heavy (OTK, Paddling, Whipping, etc

**Couple BDSM Coaching Session

**Cross Dressing, Shopping and Makeovers  

**Domineering CEO, Bitchy Wife, Torturer,  etc

**Face Sitting 

**Face Slapping, Spitting Etc.


**Full Toilet Training



**Kicking, Punching, Slapping 




**Pet Training

**Sensory Deprivation

**Sensual Dominance

**Smoking Fetishes

**Tickling, Scratching, etc.

**Water Sports

**Wrestling & Grappling

Contact me with your scene preferences and I will advise upon my willingness and availability to accommodate.

Gain your special invitation and send application (picture & Phone number included)  to:








Seminars, Couple Therapies, Training, and Producer of Events
Want to attend a seminar about BDSM renderings?  How to SPANK your mate into submission? The D/s dynamic? . How to use Erotic Hypnosis to get your significant other to fully submit?  Send us an email, and you will be notified of our next classes.


Have Your Session Video Taped into a Professional Personal DVD
Completely discreet video taping of your sessions!  Professional filmed and edited for your enjoyment or whatever way you choose to use them. Ask about our exclusive copyrights, and permissions.  Must sign release and have proper identification. Price will vary based on usage. 










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